Words Of Wisdom From 50 Cent



Everybody seems to have an opinion on Tiger Woods and his cheating scandal, but 50 Cent has some words of advice. According to the rapper, Tiger wouldn’t have been caught had he behaved in a more “gangster” way. 50 says, “Tiger, it’s interesting. Fear factor – you need a little fear there, a woman need to feel that maybe he’s going to snap, ‘So I ain’t going to say that'”

“With Tiger there’s no fear there. They be like, ‘He left a message on my phone, he say he love me. He was going to leave her.”

“And he says, “Hey it’s Tiger baby I was trying to get my freak on a little later – if you could call me back. ”

“Damn, he’s been tried and convicted when his wife hears that.”

The best advice that 50 gave however, was that Tiger should have used condoms. “Thirteen women and no condoms – you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger?” [Source: Mirror; Photo: Getty Images]

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