Hugh Grant Has Low Self Esteem



Hugh Grant always manages to be just as charming off-screen as he is in all his romantic comedies, and because of that we have a bit of a thing for him. We always thought it was just his wit and puppy-dog eyes that we were drawn to, but after reading PopEater’s interview with him it turns out to be more than that. We love his self-conscious, slightly downtrodden attitude too. Maybe that’s just because it reminds us of most guys we’ve dated.

First, when he was asked whether he realizes how handsome he is, Grant responded, “Not even remotely. I see a sad, angry, hungover middle-aged man dreading the day. There is a mirror in the hotel where I’m staying to the side of the basin and this morning I was shaving and I looked over at the mirror but my face stayed pointing down. I thought ‘That’s a new one. That’s bad.'”

Aw, Hugh. we all start sagging at some point. He also said that his worst fear is getting “too squidgy,” and that his acting abilities are limited, explaining, “I can only do a certain tone really and not many people write in that tone and when they do it tends to be romantic comedies.” He also thinks his fellow Englishmen haven’t taken to him and he’ll never be knighted by the queen and says ” No, I’m pretty hated in my own country, sadly. I love it, it hates me.”

Who knew that he was so critical of himself? Rest assured, this country loves you, Hugh. We might not be able to knight you, but you could probably become governor of California. [Photo: GettyImages]

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