Jude Law Wishes He Could Egg His Nosy Neighbors



When we hunt for an apartment in New York City we always ask the important questions – Does it have bugs? Is it near the subway? – but you can never determine if you’ll have good neighbors until you’ve already moved in. Jude Law discovered the hard way that he has terrible neighbors. Jude set up residence across the way from an NYU dorm and discovered that when he would use his backyard, the co-eds were there watching his every move and taking photos. Annoyed at the lack of privacy, Law decided to punish them the only way he knew how: with fruit.

“They were spying on me when I was with the kids and working out. It got to where I truly felt like [they were] peeping Toms. Where I come from, peeping Toms have things thrown at them,” he said, justifying why he hurled apples and oranges at them. He added “They were lucky I’d run out of eggs.”

Apparently some of the students were traumatized by Law’s reaction, but in our opinion encountering celebs and brash New Yorkiness is why people go to NYU in the first place. Besides, who wouldn’t want to tell the story about the time Jude Law threw fruit at them? [Photo: GettyImages]

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