The FABlife’s Ultimate Guide To “Jersey Shore” Star Snooki



It’s official,”Jersey Shore’s” Snooki - Nicole Polizzi by birth – has saved television with one fell swoop of her wee body on the dance floor. You know, this backbend-y, thong-flashing move:

This orange-skinned adora-dwarf has taken the mundane, washed up world of reality TV and somehow made it interesting again, with just a hair poof, a pickle fetish, and an earnest love of house music to guide her. Of course she couldn’t do it without the help of her Shore housemates, but there’s something about Snook that makes her stand out, even if she only clocks in at 4’9.

In her glorious, Poughkeepsian honor, we’re collecting every Snooki-related tidbit we can find – photos, videos, hairclips – and sharing them with you, dear readers, in this here post. We’ll update it accordingly as she continues to spread her brilliance around the globe, spritzing her genius upon us like a giant can of hairspray.

Heaven awaits you, under the jump!

First, check out Snooki’s MySpace pageher Twitter and her YouTube channel, which features her own, uh, show?

Our favorite of her DIY videos is this lip dub, which we’d like to dedicate to that douche who clocked our beloved Snookster in the face:

Snooki, along with The Situation and Pauly, flaunted her smarts on the “Jay Leno Show….”

She also appeared on the “Tonight Show,” where she used a foot stool.

More of Snookster on the “Tonight Show,” talking about giving Conan O’Brien “the poof ” and pitching her reality show idea (please, MTV!) “Snookin’ For Love.”

For the preeminent “Jersey Shore” show re-caps and gifs galore, check out Jersey native FourFour.  Finally, here’s a little bonus video for you Shore-heads, of Mike modeling at a photoshoot that takes place in a corporate office cafeteria.

The Situation: it’s what’s for lunch.

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