Japan Remains Light Years Ahead Of Us With New “Chop Sticks Spoon” Device


Behold, Spoon Chopsticks: A solution for everyone who’s been trying to eat soup by throwing a single chop stick at it while singing Blur’s “Song 2″ (i.e., everyone)…

Chopsticks Plus

Now if only there were an easier tool for eating non-liquid food — perhaps some sort of four-pronged stabbing device that’s also capable of scooping? We could call it a Blaxnorffff. Also it would shoot lasers.

After the jump, see this so-called “Spoon” (named after the band?) in action:

Chopsticks Plus 2

I believe the applicable Apu quote would be…

You’ve got to start charging more than a dollar a bag… we lost three more men on this expedition!

If you can think of a better way to get ice, I’d like to hear it.

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