Madonna And Guy Ritchie To Reunite For The Holidays



Madonna and Guy Ritchie plan to play nice this Christmas so that their kids can try to forget that they come from a broken home. Madonna decided to fly with Rocco, Lourdes, Mercy James and David Banda to Ritchie’s estate in Wiltshire, England to have a quick 24-hour holiday as a family. A source says, “Things are amicable between them and the children love Christmas at Ashcombe House in Wiltshire, which Guy has turned into a Santa’s grotto.”

While we definitely want to know more about this grotto, part of us wonders if Jesus Luz is allowed to come and if he and Guy are going to try to be dueling Santas like in “The Office”‘s Christmas episode this year. This is only the first Christmas Madge and Guy have had as a divorced couple and we think it’s nice that they can spend it together.

Since all the kids have become performers of late, we’d love to see them go “The Parent Trap” route and do a little song-and-dance routine to try and get Mom and Dad back together. May we suggest Madge’s “Holiday,” which seems to fit this bill perfectly? “Forget about the bad times?” “Just one day out of life?” “One day to come together to release the pressure, we need a holiday?!” We had no idea Madonna’s songs could foretell her own future. Sing it, kids! [Photo: GettyImages]

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