Tila Tequila Is A Surrogate Mom



In news we didn’t see coming, Tila Tequila has announced that she’s going to have a baby! Actually, we could sort of see that happening in an “Oops-my-bisexual-threesome-was-more-bareback-than-I-expected” kind of way, but we we really didn’t expect is for Tila to be having a baby as a surrogate for her brother and his wife. But that is exactly what the star (we use that term lightly) is doing. Tila tweeted on Sunday, “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I am going to become a SURROGATE MOTHER for my brother & his Wife!!! That is my xmas present to them. Im pregnant!!!!”

Tila is somewhat infamous for stretching the truth, but we think this would be a pretty big thing to exaggerate – especially for her brother and sister-in-law’s sake – so we wish her family the best. We also think this would make for a better reality show than “A Shot At Love.” We would love to watch Tila and her rumored fiance√© Casey Johnson take Lamaze classes together and watch the eentsy-weentsy starlet grow a big baby bump (“A Shot Of Baby Formula With Tila Tequila?”).

Maybe a pregnancy will keep Tila’s antics to a minimum for nine months. Hey, we can hope.¬† [Photo: GettyImages]

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