Jude Law And Sienna Miller: Back Together In Barbados


Jude Law & Sienna Miller

Looks like Jude Law took Sienna Miller up on that invite to Barbados after all! The Sherlock Holmes star took his kids along to spend time with his (former?) ex-fiancee surfside Sunday, where she’s been showing off her bikini body since last week. “Jude told his parents, children and his ex-wife [Sadie Frost] over Christmas that he wants to make a real go of it with Sienna,” a family insider told the Mail. “He really wants it to work this time around.”

Seeing as how last time ended with Law cheating on Miller with his kids’ nanny, his parents may be less than enthused. “They have made it abundantly clear he doesn’t have their blessing. They want him to be happy but think the two of them together is a recipe for disaster,” a source told The Sun. “They believe the relationship was a rollercoaster the last time and they were left to pick up the pieces when it finished.” Between Sienna’s affair with Balthazar Getty and Jude’s illegitimate child, we can’t blame his loved ones for not believing they’ve grown wiser in the years apart.

Watch Jude make a sandcastle with his son and cavort with Sienna in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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