Michael Lohan Denies Abusing Ex, Releases Another Audio Tape


Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan isn’t taking Erin Muller‘s graphic allegations of violence silently. Not only is Lindsay‘s dad denying his ex-fiancee’s accusations (“If these things are true, why didn’t she complain about it years ago?” says the man who belatedly told the court Muller attacked him with a knife months ago), he’s released another of his many audio tapes to Radar, this one featuring a hysterical Muller swearing at Michael for—shock of shocks—taping her. “If you’re that pathetic that you need a f—ing tape recorder, because everyone knows the s— you are,” she says. And somehow this is supposed to make us think less of her.

While the tape doesn’t contradict her tales of abuse in the slightest, Michael’s promising more embarrassing details to come on his Twitter. “Now people will see and hear HER ADMISSIONS of her drug use, cheating, being committed to a psych ward and sex with family members.” If Michael’s revelations about Lindsay and ex-wife Dina wasn’t enough to scare the rest of the female population away from the unrepentant secret-sharer, this should seal the deal.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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