Kate Gosselin To Do Reality Dating?


TLC may have put a leash on Jon Gosselin, but as far as his wife’s concerned, they’ll let a player play. PopEater hears that Kate Gosselin is taking meetings for a new reality dating show. “Love her or hate her, people are fascinated by Kate,” says their source. “she has a lot of mouths to feed and Kate looking for love will certainly put bread on the table.” Can we get Nadya Suleman now that her rumored dating show with Jon is history? Sort of a 2010, post-fertility medication take on Kate & Allie?

While Dating Kate (best name we can think of) is only in the “development stage,” Mama Bear is undoubtedly planning a TV comeback (she already said as such to Jay Leno earlier this month). But that doesn’t mean she wants back into the world of tabloid drama—when inquisitive paps brought up JoGo’s feud with Hailey Glassman while shopping in reading,  Kate just blitzed on by. Maybe she wants to let her ex crash and burn before stepping back into the limelight.

[Photo: .com]