Lady Gaga Confronts Homophobic Clubgoer



Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga emerged as two of the most talked-about celebs of the past year for the same reasons: they’re both fierce performers, glitzy dressers and have had to deal with questions and criticism about their sexuality. Recently, Showbiz Spy reported that while Gaga was partying in Canada she was taunted by a man at a club who was  incensed (still?) by the raunchy AMA performances the two stars gave way back in 2009.

The man called Gaga a man and used some choice homophobic slurs to describe Lambert. He then asked Gaga, “Well, don’t you care that you’re both going to HELL?” to which the singer responded “No…not as long as I don’t have to see YOUR face there!”

And here we thought all Canadians were supposed to be way more polite and progressive than Americans. Gaga then did the only reasonable thing left to do when faced with a crazy person, she poured a glass of wine on the man and left.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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