New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Features J-Lo’s Rockin’ Vagina


The 2009 edition of the never not-average New Year’s Rockin’ Eve featured numerous highs and lows (actually it didn’t, the event’s interestingometer hasn’t fluctuated in its 85-year existence, but I needed something to write before just posting this pic of Jennifer Lopez in a skin-tight vagina-flaunting catsuit), but amidst the Daughtry performances and other people I mistook for Daughtry, Jennifer Lopez appeared in a skin-tight vagina-flaunting catsuit:

J-Lo New Years Outfit

It looks like something a Cirque du Soleil performer would wear while rubbing their crotch in your face as you think to yourself “I spent too much money on this for it to qualify as skeevy — I’m being arted on!”

After the jump, the corresponding pic of J-Lo’s ass. A comedian once told me that it is in fact big:

J-Lo New Years Ass

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