Tiger Woods Shirtless On Vanity Fair Cover, Otherwise MIA


Tiger Woods

Just when it looked like the drama around Tiger Woods and his veritable tsunami of alleged mistresses had passed, some cheap rag is hawking “raw, never-before-seen photos!” of the golfing star shirtless and lifting weights. Sorry, did we say “cheap rag”? We mean class act Vanity Fair, whose pocket must have burnt clean through holding onto these pre-scandal Annie Liebowitz photos while they waited for Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger to write a reflection on Woods’ “downfall.” They couldn’t just publish the photos without a story, you know. It’d be gauche.

As for the beleaguered legend himself, no one seems quite sure on just where he’s hiding. TMZ says their sources point to Africa (he proposed to estranged wife Elin Lindegren in South Africa six years ago), but no one’s spotted him there or anywhere else. Hopefully his disguise wasn’t “shirtless dude with hat on, lifting weights.”

[Photo: Vanity Fair]

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