“Wife” Of Michael Jackson Emerges, Wants Money


Michael Jackson 1996 (J9  30A)

Oy. We thought that when 2009 drew to a close that would mean the end of all the gross capitalizing off of Michael Jackson‘s death. With all the creepy ways his family tried to make a buck off him, from dad Joe Jackson’s greedy grab for MJ’s estate to his brother Jermaine Jackson‘s gig hosting a Michael-themed dance competition, we really hoped the greed would end and we could just remember him for the music. Alas, no.

2010 has brought a new lawsuit, filed by one Ms. Shellie Doreen Smith, claiming that she and Michael were secretly wed in the 1970s (not on any one date, mind you. Just…the 70’s) and she’s seeking spousal support. TMZ spoke to┬áSmith, who alleges that she and Jackson married in a private ceremony at a hotel, with only the hotel’s employees present. What do you want to bet that none of these employees exist/are still alive? There are so many things wrong with this – the lack of details, the out-of-nowhere timing – that we are going to go out on a limb and suggest that Shellie D. was not his lover. And the kid, if there is one, is not his son. [Photo: GettyImages]

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