Is Simon Cowell Easing Out Of Idol?



We sure wouldn’t give up a $45 million salary, but it looks like Simon Cowell might be willing to. The American Idol judge has been toying with the idea of leaving the country’s favorite show in order to bring his other series, The X-Factor, to the U.S. ┬áThe plan is to give Cowell a smaller role on the upcoming season than we’re used to. “Expect to see less and less of Simon this season,” a source tells PopEater. “The focus is going to be back on the contestants and less on Simon’s harsh criticisms of them. They also will be spending more time focusing on Ellen [DeGeneres]once she gets through her first few weeks live from Hollywood.”

First Paula Abdul leaves, now Simon is backing away from the show, too? This show is going to be a shell of its former self, especially if it means we have to endure more Kara DioGuardi. Maybe we can petition Ellen to wear low-cut, tight cotton v-necks so that it will make the transition less harsh. [Photo: GettyImages]

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