M.J. Death Investigation Reportedly Finished, Conrad Murray To Be Charged


The investigation into the death of Michael Jackson is complete, says TMZ, and it’s “all but certain” that Dr. Conrad Murray will face charges for his part in the superstar’s passing. While it has been known for months that Jackson’s heart failure was caused by the drug Propofol, which Murray had administered, the LAPD was determined to perform the most thorough investigation possible before arresting him. While Propofol—usually used as an anesthetic—is a dangerous drug to use as a sleeping aid, it isn’t illegal to provide it. To be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the charge Murray will most likely face, they must prove he was grossly negligent in his treatment of Jackson.

The docotr has been under the spotlight for months (charges against Murray were alleged to be filed several months ago), and members of the Jackson family have called for swift prosecution. But along with the desire for an airtight case, TMZ also reports the delay in charging Murray is due to the number of officials from the LAPD and DA’s office that will be present when the investigation is delivered. If Murray doesn’t cop a deal with prosecution, this circus may have only begun.

[Photos: Getty Images/.com]

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