David Beckham Takes His Pants Off On The Field, Draws Closer To Retiring From Soccer To Just Be A Naked Dude


Here’s David Beckham taking his pants off on the field during an AC Milan soccer game. Later in the game, Beckham took his shirt off on the field and left it off for the postgame celebration. It wouldn’t have been so egregious, except in between the pants and shirt removals, he didn’t even play soccer, he just sat at midfield pretending to have sex with his own abs with a rolled-up Armani billboard.

David Beckham Changes Shorts 2

More pics of David Beckham in various stages of clothing removal in the gallery below, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m not though!!!! Personally I’m into CHICKS and SPORTS and FIXING CARS with BOOBS ON THEM YEAAHHHHH DUUUUUDESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(via Just Jared)

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