Katy & Russell Ambushed At LAX: Is She Pregnant?


Russell Brand and Katy Perry arrived at LAX from Heathrow Sunday for their first appearance stateside since Brand proposed to his “I Kissed A Girl”-friend of around five months (though she filmed a cameo for his upcoming Get Him To Greek earlier, Brand and Perry reportedly first hooked up at the MTV VMAs in August). Naturally, they were ambushed by paparazzi—after all, who doesn’t want to see the rock (check out a close-up in the gallery below)? But here’s a trickier question: why did these two hellions rush to make things official?

People—reading between the lines on Perry’s twitter—thinks she might be pregnant. After all, who else but a pregnant lady would repeatedly demand In-N-Out burgers, and announce she loves her man with a “barf” at the end? OK, at least half the female population of LA, but what about when she tweeted “I heard ur prego-ed” to her man? That couldn’t be just a joke about unfounded gossip, could it? Actually it could—quite easily. But with Brand on record as anxious to propogate, a productive coupling wouldn’t be much weirder than the engagement itself.

[Photos: .com]

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