The Woman Who Replaced Angelina



It was recently reported that Angelina Jolie‘s contract as the face of fashion house St. John was not renewed. St. John CEO Glenn McMahon explained that Jolie “overshadowed the brand” and said, “we wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blondes and cleanse the palette.” So basically, what he’s trying to say is: “we’re tired of being the brand for rich but sensible moms and also, stop talking about how we’re the brand with Angelina in our ads. You’re giving us a complex.”

Replacing Jolie is flame-haired model Karen Elson, who is anything but blonde or actress-y. So who is this striking woman that St. John finds so palate-cleansing? Most famously, she is musician Jack White‘s wife, and the mother to their two children, Scarlett and Henry. (We still haven’t figured out if it’s coincidence or not that Elson’s bright red hair and pale white skin fit perfectly with the White Stripes‘ famous red, white and black color palette. Either way, it seems like true love.)

In addition to modeling, Elson is the proprietor of a Nashville vintage clothing boutique called Venus & Mars and a musician who’s part of the New York-based Citizens Band. Elson is also part of that most-favorite web genre of ours, videos of models falling down, most recently making headlines for falling into an orchestra pit. Angelina she ain’t, but after checking out these photos of her ads, we think she’s definitely breathing new life into this stuffy, Mom-wear brand.  [Photo: Getty Images]

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