Alleged Mistress Sues Shaq For Harassment


Shaquille O’Neal has been sued for harassment by Vanessa Lopez, who claims the singer and his family threatened her after she ended a five-year affair. According to Lopez’ suit, the high school friends were reacquainted in 2004, with Shaq pursuing her romantically and claiming to have an open marriage with wife Shaunie—who filed for divorce last November. Years of hotel rendezvous followed until Lopez had a pregnancy scare last summer. Angered by his assumption that she had been cheating on him, she dumped the NBA legend, who responded with constant phone calls.

Threatening to tell his wife about their relationship if he didn’t leave her alone, Lopez—no stranger to NBA drama—claims she was then contacted by Shaq’s 6’6″ sister Ayesha, claiming the star’s other sister, 6’8″ Latifah, might may pay her a less-than-friendly visit. She also accused Shaq—who continued to fill her phone with hang-ups and heavy breathing—of giving her number to an associate, adding “dis is da numba shut that b—- up!” Fearing Shaq could use his millions and connections to do just that, Lopez wants in excess of $750,000 from the Cleveland Cav. So far Shaq doesn’t seem to be sweating it—he’s too busy praising Daybreakers on Twitter to comment.

[Photo: .com]

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