Jon Hamm: More Grizzly Adams Than Don Draper



Jon Hamm is to 2010 as Tom Selleck was to 1985: a total Manly Man. You know the type, the TV star with a chest so broad you could paint a mural on it, the kind of guy who gets a 5 o’clock shadow at noon. So when we saw this shot of Hamm at a screening for the film Before I Forget, his new beard made him look all the more manly to us in a back-to-nature kind of way we dig. It’s nice to see him lose the Brill Cream and wing tips and look like he’s gearing up for a cold winter, this look is FabLife approved! And what do you want to bet it only took him like two days to grow ┬áthis thing? [Photo: Getty Images]

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