EXCLUSIVE: Kristin Chenoweth, Critics’ Choice Have Us In A Death Grip


When you think of Star Trek‘s Mr. Spock, you think cold and unemotional. When you think of actors that fit that description, maybe Kristin Chenoweth isn’t your first choice, but man, does that woman have range. Chenoweth, who is hosting the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards this Friday at 9PM EST on VH1 is no longer just America’s Sweetheart, she’s Vulcan’s Sweetheart too, judging from this clip, which will be aired as part of the show.

Chenoweth gave a lengthy and hilarious interview to Best Week Ever earlier this week (although we think you should click the link just to see her dolled up like 2009’s most hilarious orphan), and we can’t wait to see what happens when her act goes live. Speaking of live, we’ll be live-blogging the whole affair so don’t forget to check us out. Sign up for a reminder below.

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