POOCHINSKI: The Greatest Show of All Time (That Was Never Made)


1990 was a year full of misguided promise, a year when Americans were juggling Koosh balls while slapping (deadly) bracelets onto their wrists during American Gladiator marathons. Things were sweet. But could they have been sweeter? Oh… they could have.

That’s because what could possibly have been the greatest show of our time was left by the wayside along with so many other television failures. The only difference being this show was called Poochinski, and was about a cop who dies and comes back to life as a talking bulldog. If the $9 bulldog puppet used isn’t enough to sell you on the idea, perhaps the brilliant dialogue will. Sorry, not perhaps. IT WILL. (Honorary Emmy to everything between :32 – :38.) Oh yeah, it also features the hot guy from Adventures in Babysitting.

Forget Team Conan. We’re Team Poochinski. If NBC really wants to save their network, they’ll resurrect Peter Boyle and make this show happen now.

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