After The Golden Globes: Who’s Hooking Up?



We’ve already buzzed about Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s close encounters at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, and a source at Page Six confirmed that the pair was indeed making out in the kitchen of the Beverly Hilton after they presented together. Stay classy, Butlerston. (Wait, no – Anisbut. Please let ┬áthat catch on.) But there were also plenty of other hookup rumors abounding after the ceremony.

At the HBO after-party following the Globes, Straw Dogs co-stars Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard were seen doing their fair share of butt-grabbing and kissing. Skarsgard reportedly denied seeing anyone when an E! reporter asked him earlier that night, so maybe he was just getting a closer look as Bosworth’s multicolored eyes. The weirdest pairing we’ve heard of, though, is the rumored hookup between Mad Men‘s January Jones and everyone’s favorite mercury-survivor Jeremy Piven. The pair was seen canoodling at the awards and then left an after-party at Chateau Marmont together. Between Jones’ crappy appearance on SNL earlier this season and now this, we’re thinking maybe Betty Draper’s humorless personality and taste in sketchy men isn’t really a stretch after all.

If people are this frisky at the Golden Globes, we can’t wait to see what’ll happen at the Oscars. [Photo: Getty Images]

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