Howl Movie Title Clearly a Reference to Jon Hamm’s Hotness


What happens when you’re casting a movie called Howl, and the script calls for a gentleman with Don Draper like tendencies? You go to the source, that’s what you f**king do. Which is why you might not be fully surprised to catch glimpse of Jon Hamm in the following sneak preview to Howl, with James Franco as Allen Ginsburg. When Hamm gets up to say something in his bespoke suit, I half-expected him to launch into his famous Kodak Carousel pitch speech.

And let it be known that while all the ladies of the world will be flailing over Hamm and Franco, I’ll gladly be tending to my immaculately kept David Strathairn shrine. My Lost in Yonkers lunchbox needs to be dusted anyway…

(via Gawker)

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