Randy Jackson: “Idol Can Go On For Another Five Or Six Years!”



Paula‘s gone, Simon‘s leaving soon and, if last night’s American Idol was any indication, the show is slowly becoming a shadow of its former self. The one thing that will remain is Randy Jackson. Jackson has certainly been the one that’s gotten lost in the Idol Judge Shuffle: he’s not one of the new girls, but he’s not as fun to watch as Simon or Paula either. He’s also steered clear of any contract disputes, cuz this dawg is just happy to be gainfully employed. “I’m there for a while. I still have some time left on my contract,” he recently told the New York Post, adding, “And we’ve built an amazing franchise that can go on for another five or six years.”

And what about the fact that he’s the most overlooked judge on the show? Even Kara DioGuardi gets more attention (Although if we’re writing about her, it’s usually negative attention. But still.) and Ellen DeGeneres‘ February debut will definitely be buzzworthy. Randy doesn’t mind flying under the radar. “I don’t necessarily feel ignored in the situation,” he said. “Look, I’m a musician. I’m a music guy. That’s my world, my life, so whenever I had antics, I was always on stage, performing. I’m just happy to be part of this team and I don’t feel slighted at all. I’m so blessed to be on this amazing ship of a show.”

For now, the S.S. Idol is still sailing, but we’re curious to see if it truly does have five or six more years in it without Captain Cowell. Our eyes are peeled for Coca-Cola and Ford sponsored icebergs ahead.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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