Leno Strikes With A Low Blow About Letterman’s Marriage



We, like most other folks we know, have been on Team Conan throughout these late-night wars, but we also admit to being on Team Letterman pretty much all the time. Honestly, we’re on any team Jay Leno isn’t on as his humor isn’t our style, and after last night, we will definitely not be watching the new Tonight Show when it premieres on March 1st.

While it’s no secret that Leno and David Letterman have always had a rivalry and Letterman has been having a field day with this whole NBC late night situation, Leno took things maybe a step too far when he took a pot shot at Letterman’s marriage in his monologue, saying “Letterman’s been hammering me every night. . . you want to know the best way to get Letterman to igore you? Marry him!” (You can watch the episode here.) Call us sensitive, but that seems like a low blow, since the barbs slung at Leno have been professional, not personal. Still, Leno is having the last laugh because he gets to give America what they really want: more Bill Clinton and O.J. Simpson jokes. [Photo: Getty Images]

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