Michael Lohan and Kate Major Challenge Jon Gosselin, Abandon Puppy


Michael Lohan & Kate Major

Jon Gosselin may want nothing to do with ex-girlfriend Kate Major and former buddy Michael Lohan, but the business partners/skating buddies sure want a piece of him. “Listen Mr. Jon Gosselin, it’s about time you man up and accept the offer and get in the ring,” Major told Radar, demanding JoGo face MiLo for one of those Celebrity Boxing matches Lindsay’s dad is always putting on. “For once in your life, face upĀ  to somebody you’ve hurt and take it down, Jon. Take it down.” She’s also got harsh words for JoGo’s latest ladyfriend, Morgan Christie. “I don’t know if she missed out on the last year, but I’d really like to warn her and her family to really look at the type of person that Jon is and look at what he did to his other ex’s.” But with TLC’s muzzle, could JoGo make an appearance even if he wanted to?

In case this wasn’t enough less-than-classy Lohan news for you, TMZ reports that Lohan got Major a shelter puppy for Christmas—a dog they then abandoned at a veternarian’s office after it wrecked her apartment and needed heartworm treatment. Major, unsurprisingly, is less than penitent. “We rescued the dog and the dog had a lot more problems and they did not make us aware of the issues. The dog destroyed the house…the shelter told us they had someone else to adopt. It’s pathetic that someone needs to use press to get their rescue shelter in the news.” Tough talk from a woman famous for f—ing a reality show star, and now using a tabloid to challenge him to a boxing match.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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