Gabby Sidibe “Blacked Out” When She Met Oprah



For the last year, Gabourey Sidibe‘s star has risen higher than she probably ever thought possible due to her star turn in Precious. The awesome thing is that. as famous as she’s become, she is completely unaffected, in addition to being an amazing soundbite machine. One recent interview in the Daily Mail was a gem though, and we pulled some of our favorite quotes to prove our point.

On what it was like being a newcomer working with seasoned performers: “There were definitely no egos during filming and it was so exciting working with people I consider to be heroes. I just spent most of my time pretending that I actually belonged there.”

On Mariah Carey‘s prep for her role: “It wasn’t a big deal for me to dress down for the part.¬†Mariah had it all stripped away and she had to put on the uglies every day!”

On her new fame: “I’m aware that people want to be friends for shady reasons and a lot of boys have suddenly come out of the woodwork, wanting to be with me. I’m thinking: ‘Do you really believe I’m that dumb?'”

On where she gets her sense of humor: “My mom was so proud of me in the film, but she laughed at inappropriate times.”

On meeting¬†Oprah Winfrey: “I was on her show, so I know there’s documentary evidence of me having been there, but I can’t even begin to remember what she said. She’s such an icon, I kind of blacked out.”

We totally would black out if we met Opes, too, Gabby! If you have any other fun stories you want to share or if you just wanna hang out, call us – seriously.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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