Publicists Work Overtime To Spin Brangelina Break-Up Rumors As Bogus



Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have broken up!” This was the news that greeted us when we checked our Twitter feed at 11PM on Saturday night, backstage at our weekly improv show. Even our hipster friends whose celebrity knowledge doesn’t extend far beyond Animal Collective were busy hashtagging #Brangelinabreakup, so we knew something fishy was up. Turns out shady British paper News Of The World had just dropped an exclusive story, claiming that the A-List pair were in the middle of  a pow-wow  with lawyers hashing out the details of splitting up their family and their $300+ million fortune.

NOTW is not a very reputable rag (The National Enquirer it is NOT) but for some reason, the web went for it. Twitter had a melt down, Gawker predicted the Brang-pocalypse, Perez Hilton did some actually reporting for once, and Brad and Angelina’s people got a late-night wake up call and began working overtime denying the story. By early Sunday morning, every major news outlet was reporting the reps’ denial, with sources saying that the tale was “total b.s.”

People, Us Weekly, E! Online and TMZ have all drank the P.R. kool-aid and are claiming the rumors are bogus, but we’re not completely convinced, especially with other stories out there of the couple fighting at dinner a few weeks ago and spending time apart this weekend. What do you think?  [Photo: GettyImages]

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