The End of Brangelina: A Survivor’s Guide



Much like an anorexic’s vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt dinner, rumors have been swirling all weekend long that America — and the world’s — most beloved, untouchably attractive celebrity power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, were in the process of separating. Yes. Proof that being drop dead gorgeous and having wild sexual chemistry a relationship does not make. You know what else might not make a long-term relaysh/family? Acquiring a new baby every 4.7 seconds. Also? Goat beards.

But whether or not there’s any truth to the rumors, we at are here to help you through perhaps gossip’s most trying time. So here, in case of dire emergency, we present to you:

What To Do In Case Brangelina Splits Up: A Survivor’s Guide

Start with the first photo, and click through to learn exactly what you need to do in case of Hollywood’s Apocalypse. We’ve divided it up into a handful of easy steps with instructions below the photo. Trust us, you will need this.

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