Haute Couture Snuggies Hit Paris Fashion Week


[Photos via Splash News Online]

Parisian couture fashion designer Adeline Andre is something of a pasty mystery: Small, older, invisible, with a shock of red hair and a penchant for shorts. She’s also the first fashion designer in Paris brave enough to bring one of the most beloved accessories of the poor, huddled masses to those angelic, wealthy few lucky enough to afford real couture.

It’s our first high fashion Snuggie. Now, that age ol’ question “What do I wear to watch the poor’s race around the town square?” is ANSWERED. Let the chiffon drape around body while your ass is left out for a lil of the ol’ windy breeze. Now, we know the median income of our readers is roughly $650,000 a year. So we ask: Who’s in for one? If you are, click here.

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