Swedish Singer’s Outfit Makes Lady Gaga Look Like Britney Spears


Lady Gaga has met her rival in Sweden’s Karin Dreijer, singer from The Knife and Fever Ray. Even if you’ve never heard of Karin you’ve probably heard her music – she sings that catchy song “Heartbeats” that everyone went crazy for a few years ago. Karin went up at a recent Swedish awards show to accept her prize in a get-up that – while similar to some of Lady Gaga’s outfits, like the all-red outfit she wore at the VMAs – looked like a blood-red KKK cloak. But the real ‘oh sh*t!’ moment occurred when she pulled off her mask to reveal a face covered in dripping silly putty. Her speech consisted of a couple of moans, because, you know, her mouth was melded shut by the stuff and she couldn’t really speak.

GaGa may wear weird things, but you better believe she always looks hot while doing so. She’s the weird alternative girl you knew in high school that managed to make her indie outfits sexy enough to turn everyone on. Karin doesn’t give a crap if you want to do her – she’s more interested in scaring the hell out of you instead (which is kinda sexy, if you’re into faces that are covered with tiny, melting octupus tentacles).

To compare them to another American-Swedish face-off: Gaga is Twilight, while Karin is Let The Right One In – darker and weirder, but so much better.

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