Tila Tequila Quits Twitter, Announces New Blog


Tila Tequila‘s crazy train has finally jumped the tracks—the Shot Of Love star has deleted her Twitter feed. “I’m sure A LOT of people would NEVER have thought I would do such a thing,” she wrote on her blog. “But guess what? I DID!” But WHY, Tila??? “Miley Cyrus was right! Everything I tweet about turns into some stupid headline! I could say something & the media will turn it all around and make it into something else! They watch your every move! Miley did the right thing to delete her Twitter page, and damn…who woulda thought??? TILA TEQUILA DELETED HER TWITTER PAGE TOO?? The SUPPOSED ATTENTION WHORE???” Yup, you got us, Tila. This proves you don’t care what people think. No “supposed attention whore” would stop posting on a social network, compare the act to a bigger star’s similar decision, and announce they were starting their own celebrity gossip blog, Tila Tequila OMG, complete with live video conferences with fans. You’re just like all those ordinary woman who announce her pregnancy online one week, and allegedly plan to adopt a Haitian baby the next.

“My new Celebrity Gossip blog, I swear to you, is going to be SO REFRESHING!!!!!!!!!!! It’s NOT going to be a Gossip Blog where I BASH on celebrities like [Perez Hilton] does….same s—. Same ol same old s—!” So what’s the new s—-? “I will have weekly LIVE interviews with Celebrities so that you can all chat with them!!! I already have at least 10 big name celebs who have agreed to do my weekly live interviews on my gossip blog!!!” Supposedly, we’ll find out which ten “big name celebs” will spend regular quality time with Tila and her imaginary brood in three weeks.

[Photo: .com]

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