D.A. To Summon Jon Gosselin Back To NYC


Jon Gosselin

Moving to Utah won’t save Jon Gosselin from the crapstorm he left in NYC. According to Radar, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office plans to summon JoGo back to the Big Apple and have him answer questions about the criminal report filed against ex Hailey Glassman, accused of ransacking his apartment and stabbing an angry note to his dresser with a kitchen knife (Glassman denied the accusations). “The more [the police] looked into it, the more they’ve felt like it was a publicity stunt on Jon’s part,” says their source. “They absolutely thought the butcher knife part of it was complete ‘B.S.’—something out of a bad B movie!” Hey, “bad B movies” would actually be a step up for JoGo these days.

“This is serious stuff if the D.A.’s office wants to speak to him directly. And if he refuses to voluntarily show, they could make it difficult for him and issue a subpoena—basically, forcing him to appear.” Finally, an interview TLC can’t shut down! “The D.A. doesn’t like people filing false police reports and they could certainly make him an example.” Looks like this year could be even worse for daddy dearest than 2009 was.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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