The Real Super Bowl MVP: Drew Brees’ Baby Baylen


Drew Brees Baylen Brees

Drew Brees, superhero quarterback from the New Orleans Saints, seems like a great dude. He’s easy on the eyes, a monster on the field, has raised millions for kids with his charity, and is adored by fans in the Big Easy, where he has been nicknamed “Breesus.” But last night he became even more likable, when millions of football fans caught him crying and cuddling with his son Baylen as he celebrated the Saints win last. Holy cuteness.

In that one moment, Baylen stole all of his dad’s thunder (Kinda like his dad did to Peyton Manning. Ouch!). Can you get any cuter than a baby in headphones, eating confetti and kissing his pops?! No, America, you can not. Thank you Baylen, for making football fun to watch for the rest of us. Enjoy.

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