Can Miami Handle The Situation?


Jersey Shore Miami

As the ol’ saying goes: you can take a guido out of Jersey, but you can’t the Jersey out of the guido. So we imagine that the “Jersey Shore” kids will have no problem living up to their reputation as, uh, rabble rousers, wherever their show lands next season. Rumor has it the G.T.L. crew will be setting up their Ed Hardy castle in Miami Beach, wreaking havoc on an entirely different kind breed of ocean-side cheeseballs.

Here’s what Movieline is exclusively reporting: Snooki, The Situation, J-Woww‘s boob sling and the rest of the posse will be headed to South Beach in May, where they’ll live in a house off of Lincoln Road that is currently being renovated, MTV style, for the occasion. Will the duck phone be upgrade to a pelican phone?! We can only hope. We’re sure the cast will feel at home in the trance-loving party town, but they should also be prepared: South Beach is filled with a lot of hotties who spend their days at the gym, tanning and doing laundry. Expect some competition, kiddies! [Photo: GettyImages]

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