This is a Recap of Lost Season 6, Episode 2, entitled “What Kate Does”, originally airing Tuesday, February 10, 2010 – unless it’s SOME OTHER YEAR!!! If you read on, there’s a bunch of spoilers ahead, although I just spoiled the name of the episode and the airdate and that this was a Recap, so what the hell, might as well go for broke and read on now.


The New Others took a turn for the sadistic this week, snagging the just-resurrected Sayid, strapping him to a table, and instantly torturing him for failing to guess the questions they were going to ask and answer them. Dogen and his sidekick, that dude in college who’d go off about Trey Anastasio solos until you pretended your phone vibrated so you could go into the hallway, explain that this is actually a test, in which Sayid is electrocuted then branded with a red-hot arrow tip and if exactly what you expect to happen happens, he’s “infected.” Well, not exactly “infected,” but a Japanese word that doesn’t totally come across in English; it literally translates to “Many lucky wishes of aflutter heart!” and is on KFC signs in Japan.

If something isn’t done soon, Sayid will turn into a shadow of his former self — someone who doesn’t shoot children? — and we can’t let that happen. Dogen’s solution? Jack must convince Sayid to consume a pill, because Sayid has to take it willingly and he won’t take it willingly from the dudes who inexplicably scalded him five milliseconds earlier. Jack brings the pill to Sayid and says “It’s medicine, according to them.” Sayid replies, “What about According To Jim?” Jack says, “It’s awful.” Sayid says “You’re right, I don’t wanna take the According To Jim pill.”

Jack then takes the pill back to Dogen, puts on his best “Jack When He Knew What The Hell He Was Doing” voice, and the following conversation transpires:

Jack: “Tell me what’s in the pill! I’m Dr. Assertive!”

Dogen: “I can’t tell you what’s in it.”

Jack: “But………can you tell me what’s in it?”

Dogen: “Um, no.”

Jack: “I don’t even trust myself! Probably because I keep ruining everything and that would be stupid. Also, you thought I was whiny LAST season, hooo boy, I’m just warmin’ up…”

Jack then eats the pill but before he swallows, Dogen runs over and gives him a gentle Heimlich, and finally admits to Jack that the capsule is poisonous. This portion of the episode then concludes with Dogen serving Jack tea — “It’s tea. GOTCHA POISONTEA!!! Nah, kidding, it’s tea.” — and explaining that he uses the translator-man to keep himself separate from his constituents so he can make tough decisions, a nod to Jack’s tattoos that read “He walks among us, but he is not one of us.” Which, as we’ve seen in the previous two episodes, is also not unlike Jacob. Or God. OR THEY’RE THE SAME! DOO DOOOO DIIIIINNGNNGGGGGGG!!!!!

That has a lot more impact as a sound effect rather than typed out. You get the gist. God-gist.

After the jump, Kate hangs out with RegularClaire in the past, looks for InfectoClaire in the future, and Sawyer actually loved the person he couldn’t love because of his other love:


With the addition of “infected” Sayid, we’ve now encountered four ghostlike entities: New-Locke, Christian, Claire, and Sayid. We also saw Rousseau shooting her colleagues during a time-flash in Season 5 after believing they’d been “infected” when they entered the Smoke Monster’s cave. We might assume these were all the same thing, if we weren’t giant losers spending time trying to decipher this crap by pouring test tubes of random smoky liquids into one another in our Lost-labs, but since that’s exactly what we’re doing, let’s break down the facts with a numbered list so it almost looks like we know what we’re doing:

1. Locke is the Smoke Monster.
2. Rousseau’s people were “infected” after confronting the Smoke Monster.
3. Christian and Claire both appeared in Jacob’s cabin, surrounded by the ash that repelled the Smoke Monster when it attacked the Ajra people.
4. Sayid is alive after being helped by Jacob, then the New Others tried to kill him. His infection also “Happened to Claire”, says Dogen.
5. Claire instantly shot two of the New Others but let Jin live.

Using powers of blabluxion (that’s deduction only everything’s made up and probably means nothing), either Locke and the Rousseau teams’ infections are different than Claire’s and Christian’s, and Claire shot the New Others because they’re against Sayid / Jacob — though if this is the case, why would they have helped Sayid in the first place? — or more likely, “infection” refers to people who’ve been in some way claimed by the Smoke Monster, and Claire and Christian were occupying Jacob’s cabin after he’d long vacated it.

Why would Claire care about helping Jin, then, if she’s an extension of the Smoke Monster? Like I’ve been saying, I don’t think the Smoke Monster is necessarily “evil,” or that Jacob is necessarily “good.” Given their mixed interactions with Jacob and the Smoke Monster, the Oceanics are likely being pulled in both directions. Like I’ve also been saying, I also have no effing clue.

How about this theory: Jacob and his Locke-opposite are in some way the New and Old Testament Gods, respectively. Jacob is the compassionate, forgiving, unseen, “little push here and there” deity, while Locke/Smoke Monster demands to be followed unquestioningly and anyone who disobeys faces vengeful consequences. Neither one’s expressly good or evil, but they’re certainly different, and both have a vested interest in the island’s mortal inhabitants. Eh? Try that sucker on for size, and if it doesn’t fit tailor it so it does fit so you can be like “Yeah!!!”

Sidenote – Remember when the monster caused people to see visions of their own lives and fears, but now it’s just smoke that picks people up and bashes them around? I guess that was like four seasons ago, so it doesn’t count anymore.


Meanwhile, Sawyer decides he doesn’t really want to stay at Burning Man, puts .03 ounces of effort into escaping, and manages to get away after shooting a guy offscreen (probably like, Paulo). Kate convinces the New Others to let her chase after him and tells them “I can be very convincing when I need to be,” then taps on her vagina a couple times. There’s an awkward pause, then she, Jin, Aldo the ex-Other, and Justin — an adult black male version of Cindy Brady who can’t not keep revealing stuff — set out to find him.

Kate instantly pulls away from the group and stalks Sawyer, who, in an attempt to out-pout Jack, has gone back into the Dharma barracks and dug up a shoebox from under the floorboards. He and Kate then go to a secluded spot for a heart-to-heart, where Sawyer pulls out an engagement ring and admits he was going to ask Juliet to marry him, then throws the ring into the water “Pointless But Seems Meaningful” Titanic-style. Kate and Sawyer take turns trying to blame themselves for Juliet’s death, much as two friends would haggle over who gets to pick up a check (that’s covered in bloody metal), and Sawyer’s tears convince Kate that he truly does still have feelings for Juliet, which makes Kate cry because she still has feelings for him.

Butttttt…weren’t Juliet and Sawyer on the outs anyway after Juliet clearly saw that Sawyer clearly still looked at Kate with affection because he clearly still loved her, and now he can’t be with Kate who clearly loves him because he actually clearly still loves Juliet? When did Lost turn into f***ing Closer?

Quick Commercial Aside – Does the show Cougar Town take place on a Tropical Christmas Love Island?

Ya got me, ABC! I just indiscriminately love all shows with islands. Season Pass time!!!


Back in the new/old 2004/Oceanic 815/something reality, Kate forces a cabbie who keeps his tongue perpetually jammed into his lip to jet away from the airport, and when she gets some distance away, the cabbie runs out of the car and Kate forces the other passenger, Claire, to leave too, and tells her “I don’t care if you have a stuffed animal whale that represents your loving devotion to your unborn child in your suitcase, you can’t grab it!” Kate then pulls into a body shop, pays off a mechanic to help her out of her cuffs, goes into the bathroom to change into new clothes, but instantly feels remorseful when she opens Claire’s bag and pulls out a picture of Claire pregnant, followed by some baby items, then a stuffed killer whale, then an entire swingset, then a DVD of the kid playing little league baseball and Claire clapping.

Kate then doubles back and picks up Claire, finds out that Claire was supposed to meet a surrogate family at the airport but they never showed, and insists on driving Claire to meet the family because nothing that happened between them earlier in the day was weird at all. They find the address, approach the house, and open the door to find Ben and Charles Widmore making out! LOST! Actually it’s just some woman who’s been crying because her husband left her, but then Claire immediately goes into labor and shouts “I saw you real quick before I went into labor, that means you still have to take the kid, no kidzbacks!”

Kate rushes Claire to the hospital and there encounters… Oh man, don’t let it be Jack… Ohhhh, whew! It’s only Ethan, the dude who tried to kidnap Claire like seven times in the old reality. But he’s fine now. In this reality, Ethan explains that he can deliver the baby immediately if Claire is ready, or inject her with drugs and keep the baby inside a little longer, but clarifies “I don’t want to stick a bunch of needles into you if I don’t have to, because I tried that in Season One and you didn’t seem too happy,” and Claire’s like “What?” and Ethan’s like “Oh, you’re delirious — all I said was, ‘hey, I’m your happy doctor.'” Claire chooses to keep the baby cooking a little longer.

Shortly after the labor pains, two very thorough cops arrive at Claire’s hospital room asking if she’s seen “Joan Hart,” which is either Kate’s hospital alias or what my mom would mistakenly call Melissa Joan Hart if she was famous enough for my mom to even get it that close. Claire says no and the cops immediately leave, failing to check the Authorized Personnel room ten feet away where Kate was hiding (A friend of mine commented, “Awww, that’s Doctor authorized. We can only do Police authorized.”)

So why does Claire cover for the fugitive who held her at gunpoint earlier that day, and why does Kate feel compelled to stick with Claire? Most likely, it’s the first major sign of the new 815 reality and the current Island Present connecting, building off Jack recognizing Desmond from last week. Claire knew that the baby’s name would be Aaron — she randomly blurts it out during her labor throes and explains later she didn’t think about it, she just knew. She also seems supernaturally forgiving of Kate, perhaps because they’re intrinsically drawn to one another, just as Kate may have subtlely recognized Jack during her airport escape. In the Sawyer scene, Kate admits she came back to the island to find Claire and thought Sawyer could help, meaning that whatever compassion Kate’s grown to feel for Claire after knowing her, she managed to replicate it in a reality where she could’ve left Claire behind and never thought of her again.

Destiny? Or DENSITY? Density isn’t really a choice, I just needed another thing and don’t know what this would be if it wasn’t destiny. Coincidency? Jacob working his island magic in another reality-y? Sure, all the above.


— Dogen’s baseball is definitely gonna end up being the most significant thing in all six seasons. Jack’s gonna throw it at Locke in the series finale and he’ll be like “Ow!”

— When Jack told Kate to “be careful” before heading after Sawyer, it almost looked like he was pausing to hear the music so he could be like “Hmmm…soft music. I guess that means I do still love you.”

— Is Charles Widmore still a character? He went from being a footnote to being the most potentially important character in the show to being a sub-footnote. Hopefully he didn’t get Christopher Lee Return Of The King‘d out of this season.

— The “Previously On Lost” segment was like five seconds long. Nice to see the producers aren’t kidding themselves into thinking that casual fans are just randomly flipping on ABC and actually watching through entire episodes for the first time.

— Next week on Lost, Locke looks right into the camera and says “I promise, I’ll tell you everything.” After these promos, if the series finale isn’t just Lindelof and Cuse fielding questions at a town hall for two hours, I won’t be satisfied.

Episode thoughts? Favorite/least favorite parts? Theories? Predictions? Leave ‘em in the comments.

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