Stripper Denies Carrying Josh Duhamel’s Baby (Or Anyone’s)


We thought it was odd the Enquirer talked to a friend who said Nicole Forrester might be pregnant with what might be Josh Duhamel‘s baby, considering how proud she was of her alleged affair with Fergie‘s husband in the first place. Now Forrester’s telling Gossip Cop that she not only isn’t pregnant, but that the Enquirer knew she wasn’t carrying a little Josh (or anyone else) before they ran the piece.

Yesterday I was horrified to learn the National Enquirer ran a story saying I was pregnant. This is NOT true. I told the National Enquirer this was NOT true a week ago and again on Monday of this week. Apparently, because of mistakes I made in the past they feel I’m fair game and can print whatever lies they want just to sell magazines – I want this to stop now. Too many people have been hurt by the past, especially my children.

A couple of weeks ago I was hounded by a reporter at my job and home, then ambushed and bombarded with questions. I was scared and flustered and told him what I felt I needed to to get him to leave. I then called him from the safety of my home and told him I was NOT pregnant. A few days ago I learned they were publishing the story and I again called the reporter to tell him I was NOT pregnant and to publish a story was irresponsible and harmful…I am not pregnant!

One has to wonder what she told that reporter to “get him to leave,” though it’s hard to believe it could be “I’m 95 percent sure I’m carrying a million dollar baby!” or any of the other statements assigned to Forrester by her “pals.” Wasn’t the Enquirer supposed to be more credible after the John Edwards affair?

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