Adding The Olympic Theme Song to Anything Makes it Infinitely More Inspiring


Olympic Fever. It’s here. It’s happening. Our temp is clocking in a 10 below zero, as the Winter Olympics and all of the inspirational NBC pre-taped packages that go along with it have been infiltrating our most blackest of hearts. But what really makes the Olympics the most inspiring event of our every other year?? Why… the theme music of course.

The Olympic Fanfare, as it is known, is a melody written by the genius composer John Williams. It is a melody so robust, so motivational, so ebullient and alive, that one soon realizes that anything set to the Olympic Fanfare becomes infinitely more inspiring.

To test this new and true theory, we found a random video on Youtube, turned the volume down, and cranked the Olympic Fanfare loud over it. Results? INSPIRATION. Here, try it for yourself…

Click play:

Now play this, but be sure to turn the volume down on it. Watch and be ~motivated~:

The result? SOBS. Try this theory out on any random Youtube video and you’ll see what we mean. Feel free to link to your favorite Olympic Fanfare Motivational Finds (OFMFs) in the comments.

Note: This same theory also applies to the Friends theme. Play the Friends theme while watching the above video and you will have the same desired effect.*


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