All Flavors Of Crazy At The Brit Awards



Today our great country was kind enough to ship two of our nuttiest celebrities – Lady Gaga and Courtney Love – across the pond to join the bizarre fashion parade led by Lily Allen and Leona Lewis at the Brit Awards. Wearing what we hope is a wig, Allen looked matronly donning a dickey made of fabric that’d be better suited for a sofa. Lewis was out-of-her-league edgy in a slick silver number with an artsy, oversized shoulder. A vacant-eyed Courtney Love roamed the red carpet in what would have been a pretty dress, had she not paired it with part of a dress shirt embroidered with nude women, and crafty floral necklace. Sigh.

Not to be outdone, Gaga honored deceased designer and friend Alexander McQueen in a triple-tiered white gown, complete with a Marie Antoinette-inspired updo. In the last couple days, Gaga reportedly revamped her entire Brit Awards performance to pay tribute to McQueen with more somber, slow versions of her songs.  [Photos: Getty Images]

More shots from the Brit Awards below.

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