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Black Dynamite

During the 1970s, the blaxploitation genre combined a comic book attitude with black power sentiment. The films look pretty campy now, although they definitely were the first step towards classics like Boyz N the Hood. This affectionate spoof finds Michael Jai White as the brawny super-stud/detective looking to revenge the death of his brother in a gang-land shooting. Teaming up with a rapping club-owner and the victim of a hairdressing atrocity, Dynamite’s quest also gets him tangled up in crooked cops, Black Panthers, and a scheming Oriental mastermind. The jokes come as thick and fast as a Mad Magazine parody. One of our favorites involves the proprietor of a fast-food joint called Chili and Donuts who has a brain wave when he sees a menu advertising “chicken” next to “waffles.” Also keep your eyes peeled for a pimp summit that includes Arsenio Hall and Brian McKnight. Dig it – there’s a riot goin’ in … and it will be televised.

Extras: Extended and deleted scenes, making of feature, Comic Con footage and a commentary track. 

– By C. Bottomley

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