Tila Tequila’s Tweet-Tastic Monday: Miscarriage Scare, Adoption Joy


Tila Tequila

It’s a good thing Tila Tequila‘s retirement from Twitter lasted less than 24 hours – imagine if she had to write a whole blog post while having a potential miscarriage? Everyone’s favorite attention addict dropped some distressing tweets concerning her alleged pregnancy yesterday: “Just woke up in the middle of the night cuz im having these intense sharp pains in my belly. it hurts so much that Im crying wtf.” Wtf, indeed, as explained she was still planning to take a plane to Australia for a concert (“The hospital says if it gets worse I need to go back and see them but how?? I have to go to Australia today…”). Refusing to take an ambulance (“I HATE AMBULANCE! They call all the paparazzi’s & its so invasive & everyone all up in my business”), Tila continued to describe her excruciating pain to her fans (“its like sharp knife stabbing pains thats unbearable =(…Im going 2 pray 4 my lil Angel in so much pain right now Im gonna see if I have any advil or something but I cant even walk it hurts so bad!“) as she waited for her private doctor (SHE DOES NOT ALLOW PAPARAZZIS TO HER OFFICE!!!!”).

Thankfully, a phone call came to take her mind off her pained, pregnant belly. “Ok are you ready for this??? I just got off the phone with the adoption agency I’ve been working with for a while and guess what???????????” she tweeted an hour after her last pain-induced frown emoticon. “I have been APPROVED to adopt my own baby boy 2-3 years old from RUSSIA!!!! I will be his Mommy by the end of the year!!”  Two hours after that good news, she was back to her old ways, posting links to a “super duper sexy milf photoshoot video” and waxing poetic about this 2-year-old Russian child named Jayden awaiting her tender, loving care (“I woke up today depressed sick & in pain. But then I got that phone call and it changed my life! IM SO HAPPY! MY LITTLE GUY! Aww he so cute!”). By the time she skipped off to her Aussie-bound plane as pictured above, she declared Monday “the happiest day of my life.” And what about the baby allegedly nside her, you ask? Sorry, guys, that’s really none of your business.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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