Tiger Comes Out Of Hiding To Maybe Prep For The Masters



Tiger Woods is set to give a press conference tomorrow, in which he will apparently apologize for having sex with a small nation’s worth of women (and getting caught). But he made his first public-esque appearance late yesterday, when he went for a run with a bodyguard (we assume) near his home in Orlando, Florida. He looks good, like a guy who really wants to repair his public image after ruining it with his dick.Welcome back!

Rumors are buzzing around that Tiger has timed his reappearance to coincide with the Masters, golf’s premiere tournament that goes down every April (for laypeople like us, it’s the one where they win a greet jacket). He’s already won the Masters 4 times, but hey, nothing says redemption like coming back from a break and kicking a little ass upon your return. Then again, being faithful to one’s wife also works.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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