Victoria Beckham On Olympic Fashion: “Terrible!”



It’s no secret that we’re a wee bit obsessed with the outfits being worn on the ice at the Olympics this year (oh, the clowns, how they are seared into our brain), but Victoria Beckham doesn’t share our enthusiasm. Guest hosting on The View yesterday, Posh told her co-hosts that she’s not a fan of all the feathers and fanfare that the skaters have been employing this year (and um, every other year since skating was invented).

After watching a clip of the male skaters, she explainedI wear the feathers in my relationship,” she said, and later showing off her feathers (or fur, or whatever her coat is made of) yesterday at the airport. “If David came home dressed like that — could you imagine? Terrible. . .David would never wear a lycra catsuit.” True, David Beckham may not don a lycra catsuit for his sport, but we think maybe Victoria has missed the point of figure skating, which is that is that athleticism is second to how shiny one can make ones self. [Photos: Getty Images]

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