Hilary Duff Gets Engaged, World Vaguely Remembers Who She Is Again



Good news for Hilary Duff‘s career! The actress/singer appears to be engaged to her hockey star boyfriend, Mike Comrie. The pair, who have dated since 2007, were spotted by paparazzi cameras on the balcony of their Hawaii hotel, cuddling, snuggling and drinking wine. (To answer your question: No, it doesn’t look like she’s headed downtown in that one pic. It’s a stomach kiss, ya pervs.) The photos then show Mike getting down on one knee and proposing, we assume, to Hillary, as she covers her mouth in shock. Further proof: she then returns to the balcony and takes a photo with her iPhone of the giant ring on her left hand. (Check out the pics on ONTD.)

Hilary used to do actual things that made her famous: she starred as Lizzie Maguire (aka, the Hannah Montana of the early 2000s) on the Disney Channel, feuded with Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter and had a huge album in 2003, from which the opening theme of “The Hills” was born (thanks for that, Hil). But then she got giant vaneers on her teeth, lost a lot of weight (that she eventually gained back, thankfully) and got stuck doing things washed-up actresses do, like gust starring on “Gossip Girl.”

Let’s hope some new bling and a wedding help to reboot her career and, as a bonus, make her less-talented sister Haylie jealous. Lest we forget: Congrats Hilary! You landed a Canadian, and according what we’ve seen during the Olympics, they’re nice. Well done.  [Photo: SplashNewsOnline]

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