Lisa Rinna Apologizes For Bashing Heidi Montag’s Surgery


Lisa Rinna & Heidi Montag

While Lisa Rinna probably isn’t the first mom to say Heidi Montag‘s cosmetic surgery binge was a bad influence on teenage girls, Rinna might be the first mom to do so behind a pair of artificially plumped limps. “I will tell you I had to take [Heidi’s People] cover off before it came in the house,” Rinna told Fancast last weekend. “We have two girls. I don’t think it is something you want to bring in the house and say, ‘Oh, look.’…Obviously, we are raising two young girls. Anything that has to do with weight issues, I think you just have to be really careful…I mean, you know – to each his own, is all I will say.” Don’t worry, you can’t actually OD on irony.

At the very least aware some people think she’s a hypocrite, Rinna gave a half-hearted apology on Twitter. “I apologize to Miss Montag if my words were taken and used against her in the press. I did not slam her or her surgeries for the record.” Hmm…maybe she just pulled off the cover so her kids wouldn’t think massive cosmetic overhauls were newsworthy.

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