Tila Tequila: Still Pregnant, Engaged To The Father


Tila Tequila

After last week’s cryptic tweets about intense stomach pain (followed suddenly by celebration over an impeding Russian adoption), many wondered if the reportedly pregnant Tila Tequila had suffered a miscarriage. Thanks in part to an e-mail she allegedly sent to a prankster pretending to be a Japanese magazine editor, some wondered if she was ever pregnant in the first place. Now the internet pin-up says she’s not only got a kid in the oven, but that she’s marrying the anonymous sperm donor. Here are some three-eyed fish plucked from the toxic stream that is her Twitter:

I spoke 2 my baby dada 2day & he says hes 100! wants 2 marry me. So I figured, life is short. Y not jus marry the man who loves me & my baby…When I get back from tour, he & I are getting tatoo’s 2gether, then I keep doing my job, but once belly starts getting big, Im movin 2 Texas…YES IM STILL PREGNANT! YES I HAVE DECIDED TO MARRY THE FATHER OF MY CHILD! YES I AM STILL TRYING TO ADOPT A BABY FROM RUSSIA! THERE! NITE!

Tila, who was engaged to the late Casey Johnson at the time of her death less than two months ago, says she’s unable to explain her announcements, lest they capture the attention of the media. “I promise when the time is right & I feel that its safe, I will one day answer ALL of ur questions about my mysterious life right now. <3…I dont wannbe the cause of my children, bio-logical Children& husband to get hounded by media. I want 2 protect them frm wut I been through.” But who will protect them from her?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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