Who Will Abbie Take To The Oscars After Dumping Ryan Phillippe?



It’s fun to take sides in relationships of people we’ve never met, and when it comes to the Abbie Cornish-Ryan Phillippe split we’re strictly Team Abbie (it’s a reinvention of our Team Reese allegiance from a few years ago). The Bright Star actress “ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home,” this weekend, said her rep. Hmmm – just the fact that her people are commenting on the split makes us think something fishy could have gone down. Maybe there’s some truth to those rumors that Ry-Ry got his cheat on? “No comment,” said her rep. Mysterious! We’ll take that as a yes.

Ryan split from his first wife, Type A-Lister Reese Witherspoon, shortly after she won her Oscar, and his sneaky relationship with co-star Abbie was rumored to be at the heart of their relationship’s demise. Now that Abbie’s star is rising – she snagged some smaller awards for her work in Bright Star and is on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair – we can’t help but notice that their split mirrors that of Ryan and Reese. She’s  starting to outshine him, he’s allegedly unfaithful…seems like Abbie should should follow in his ex’s cute shoes and focus on work and finding a hunkier, more successful partner. Also us to make a few suggestions:

  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Sure he’s Reese Witherspoon’s ex and rumored to be very, very closeted. But who cares? He’s undeniably do-able, claims to be straight, rocks puppy-dog eyes, and looks fierce in a tux.
  • Jackson Rathbone:  the only Twi-guy who’s not taken (and is over 20), he’s got hot hair and is in a band, which means he won’t get insecure when she emerges as the stronger actor in the relationship. Also, guys look hot when playing in bands.
  • Hunter Parrish: We don’t really know who this dude is, other than we keep seeing pictures of him online that give us girl-rections. He’s an actor and he’s that perfect combo of dreamy – and adorable (okay fine, dream-dorable), and that combination equals sweaty, sexy rebound in the making.
  • That Dude From The Old Spice Commercial Who’s On A Horse: This shirtless mystery man has somehow managed to make a commercial about body wash sexy. Also – that’s his REAL voice! Imagine that booming in your ear in the middle of a makeout sesh. Yes please!

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