Remember When People Used To Get Kicked Off “The Real World” For Abuse?


Back in 1993, most Americans were busy slapping bracelets on their wrists to the tune of “I Will Always Love You” while watching giant computer dinosaurs trample over Spielbergian port-o-lets. It was also the year MTV’s The Real World took place in Los Angeles, back when the show was really, “really” real. This is the season that featured the best Real World opening, including Jon’s southernly twanged “True Story!”

It is also the season that featured one of the most notorious Real World fights. Who can forget that pivotal moment when Tammy – the hilarious cast mate who got her jaw wired shut and then married a pro basketball player — came out of her room with a blanket wrapped around her, only to have said blanket torn off by fellow roommate David. At the time, this was one of the first acts of physical aggression ever seen on The Real World. And, as a result, David was evicted from the house.

Ah, simpler times.

17 years later, The Real World continues trudging along, this time settling for America’s capital, Washington D.C., a town where the only thing looser than a politician’s marriage vows are the pleated khakis which swaddle their lined pockets. ( But if you think that 23 seasons of the show has rendered it stale, think again: Save for a couple of corpse-personalities housemates, for the most part it has been steadily entertaining.

But we can’t help but notice how the times have changed. The amount of physical confrontations that are happening this season are out of control. Earlier, the quirky-but-will-one-day-snap-for-real-y’all Andrew let out his more murdery side on Ashley, admittedly the most annoying housemate, causing her to leave the house for the night because she didn’t feel “safe.” Consequences? None.

More seriously, however, is the case of Ty. Ty is a housemate who shares two of our most beloved Real World housemate qualities: Alcoholism and deep-seated anger issues. Oh, and one other thing… violent and obsessive tendencies.

His relationship with roomie Emily has been a major storyline on the show. When the two weren’t cuddling and dabbling in hooking up, they were scuffling around the house, most of the time with Ty being the overbearing assh*le. But now that their romantic relationship has all but fizzled out, we’re left with only one thing: The violence. Ty, who is a big, muscular fellow, seems to think it’s OK to push, shove, and physically block Emily from moving about the house. His threatening nature has turned her from a fun-loving roomie into someone who is afraid for her own safety.

Last night, the S hit the F as Ty, drunk and unstable, pushed Andrew over the edge. Literally, of their front porch, about 12 feet above the sidewalk below. Andrew’s fate is still in question – um, p.s., duh, he lives — but we couldn’t help but think: Would Ty even be on this show had it aired 17 years ago? Why has time allowed for this sort of behavior to be OK for air? Have we become so desensitized to reality television that it takes a guy cracking his head open to protect the other people forced to live in this house and have their lives taped?

True story, indeed.* (*This just seems like a smart thing to say.)

Anyway, in true Real World form, we won’t find out about Ty’s fate until next week. But we only hope MTV does the right thing and finally throws him out of the house, if only to set an example to other Kings of the Assh*les watching.

Am I on to something here? Or is this just my Barnard education getting the best of me? TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!! *whistle blow* Bye.

And while we’re at it, can they also kick off Josh and Erika? WORST HOUSEMATES EVER.

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